Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AM I NUTS?!?!?!?

im not sure if im going to survive today or not, so i should probably leave this one last blog for everyone to remember me by. not only am i babysitting my friend jennifers two boys (tyler i 7 and joey i 14 months) which i have been doing for about a month and a half now, but starting today im also babysitting my friend tara' kid too (averi who is 7 weeks)!!! also keep in mind that i also have landen ontop of these three extra kids. and our house is on the market so i have to keep it perfectly clean at all times. sound impossible huh!? yeah thats pretty much what i was thinking too.
but hey this will be a good test to see if we are ready for another baby in the house. ive already learned how very grateful i am that we didnt have twins, so maybe this will be a good birth control. actually she probably wont be any bother at all, since she still has her days and nights confused. more than likely ill have her all day today and she'll just wake up to eat and poop. her poor mother though! hopefully i can keep her awake today so her mom can get some sleep tonight. if i dont write back after this, you might want to call and make sure im still alive!!