Monday, April 12, 2010

anyone with kids want some free money??

k so as many of you know i have become addicted to finding and entering any cloth diaper giveaway i can find. i have been lucky enough to actually win a few things too, so its not a waste of time! well today i found another contest but its for some free gymboree bucks and the contest is only running for 24 hours! so im sure not a ton of ppl will have time to notice the contest, which just increases out chances of winning! just follow the link below and enter to win! good luck to us!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

cloth as easy as huggies!

k so i know most of my mom friends think cloth is gross and old school and hard. but i have recently been introduced to a new diaper system that i promise is just as easy as disposables. its called the grobaby. its a one size fits all diaper shell that has a snap in absorber inside and mesh where to two layers meet. u just reuse the shell all day long and replace the soaker at each diaper change. the outside comes in cute prints and bold colors and attached around the baby with velcro. the velcro wont last forever but its much better than tossing away every single diaper after one bathroom episode. you can buy these daipers online at or come hang out with me for a day and see them in action on taylor :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so many giveaways!

k so i have been doing cloth diapering for over six months now but i have just recently started finding a large cloth diapering community on facebook. not only has it been awesome to "meet" other cloth diapering momma's but i have found that there are constantly different stores doing giveaways. some do it as often as every friday! u usually have to do something in order to get a chance to win, but its a matter of leaving a comment on their blog, becoming a fan on facebook, writing a review of a product they sell that you've used or putting a button on your blog to promote their store/blog. this one im trying to win now is giving away a TON of stuff. im not even sure what the dollar value is, but its awesome! one of the stores "kellys closet" is celebrating nine years of operation and is doing this awesome giveaway for it. if you plan to have another baby, currently have a baby in diapers, know someone who will, i suggest u check our their store. they sell tons of different products, mostly cloth diaper related, but not all of them. you might even wanna try to enter the contest yourself and try to win the same products im trying to win :)
here's the link for all the information