Sunday, May 4, 2008

our first disneyland trip!!!

well we survived our first trip with landen to disneyland. it was soo fun for me and joe to watch landen go on all those rides. he did really well and seemed to have a good time. a few rides he wasnt too thrilled about (matterhorn, snow white, pirates of the Caribbean). and there were a few rides he wasnt big enough to ride yet (space mountain, splash mountain, big thunder mountain, star tours, indiana jones). but everything else he had to be ripped away from at the end of his turn. he didnt quite understand the concept of getting off the ride and giving someone else a turn. he did really well riding in his stroller around the park for me since joe was in a wheelchair and couldnt help chase him down. we rode all the rides that we could at least once. the lines weren't bad at all, not to mention since joe was in the wheelchair we got to go in the exits and go straight to the front of ALL the rides :) we all had a great time and can't wait to go again. we plan to go another couple times this summer!!! so here's the pics that im sure you'll all waiting for