Tuesday, December 15, 2009



1. Where did you meet your husband?
he moved here for his job and started going to the singles branch. BUT if you ask him he will tell you we met online! he sent an email to the institute director who forwarded it on to all the YSA. joe was looking for an apartment or a roommate, so i decided to call him before he moved here and introduce myself and let him know the weekend he was coming here to apartment shop happened to be a valentines dance. told him he should come along and get to know some of the ppl at the branch. no i was not hitting on him! i had no idea what he looked like or anything about him, i was just tryin to be nice to someone who was moving into a town where he wouldn't know anyone :)

2. How long did you date?
we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend for about a year and a half before he finally gave in and married me haha

3. How long have you been married?
a little over 5 years

4. What does he do that surprises you?
he is sooo helpful with the kids! he will get up early with them or even get up in the middle of the night to help out. and he NEVER complains about the house if it's messy

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
physically? his smile
otherwise, that he is soo smart and doesn't do anything without thinking it over first, even tho sometimes id rather him not take so much time to think it through

6. What is his best quality?
that he is such an awesome hard worker and a great dad

7. Does he have a nick name for you?
not that i know of :)

8. What is his favorite food?
cookies with milk!

9. What is his favorite sport?

10. When and where was your first kiss?
i think that was when we were on his first quota trip at coronado island (mother's day)

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
i enjoy when we just rent a movie at home and take turns getting and giving back massages

12. Do you have children?
number 3 on the way!

13. Does he have hidden talents?
he plays a mean game of skip-bo

14. How old is he?

15. Who said I love you first?
im pretty sure that was me

16. His favorite music?
he likes the newer stuff, as long as it's not country, and dont expect him to know the words or to EVER sing along

17. What do you admire most about him?
just that he is such a great role model for landen to grow up and be a great worker, and dad and husband

18. What is his favorite color?

19. Will he read this? doubt it, he knows i have a blog, but i dont think he's ever looked at it

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new family drawing yet again! LOL

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

yup that's correct....we are expecting baby #3!!! yes you are also correct that taylor is only 9 months old, and no this was not a big huge accident. we are really that crazy! LOL taylor has been such a wonderful easy going baby we figured we would not avoid anything and just let the next one come whenever it was ready. honestly i did not expect it to happen the very next month but guess life is full of suprises. we are due the end of june and taylor will be 15-6 months old. landen will be a few months past 4 yrs. we are not going to find out the gender of this one since we already have boy and girl stuff on hand. guess that means we will need two names going with us to the hospital, so any suggestions that sound good with landen and taylor would be greatly appreciated. hope you all enjoy this ride that is about to get very crazy!!!

we look forward to the new adventure in our lives and cant wait for the little thing to get here!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 family pictures

have i mentioned before how much i love the fact that one of my best friends happens to be a professional photographer?? it's soo nice being able to get awesome quality pictures done and know the person doing them and her knowing me enough to know exactly what moments i want her to capture on film! well last month we had family pictures done since we hadnt done them since taylor was 2 months old. its sooo much nicer to have them done by an actual photographer compared to just going to the mall and paying JCPenney's to click the camera (not complaining about them, especially since my sister works there now, but its just different). so here are a few of my favorites from the one hour photo shoot. and feel free to contact me for info for the photographer. im sure she would love some extra business!!
temporarily on hold with the pics, they are too big so i gotta shrink em down.

we are still alive!

so the past month has been kinda hectic around here. and with the decent camera still MIA, i havent been taking many pictures. on a good note, i have my laptop back up and running. my wonderful step-dad had a laptop that died and just so happened his screen would fit on my laptop so he gave it to me. so now i am mobile! i do have super cute pics of the kids in their halloween costumes to put up, but they're on the other computer. so i guess this is just a quick one to let everyone out there that reads this, that im still alive. i will try to get up to date in the next couple days. and with pictures as soon as my new memory card comes in the mail!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

we are moving now!

taylor is offically 8 months old today and she is so much fun. recently she has learned to do the army crawl and is very much enjoying her new found independence. she loves to follow the cat around and pet on his and tug on him. and maxx is so good with her and tolerates her torture.
how do kids manage to grow up soo fast?? it seems impossible that this little girl is already 8 months old! didn't i just have her like two months ago?? it's not fair! she's going to be a year old in no time at all! someone please make it stop, or at least slow down.

i had to run upstairs the other day and asked landen if he could keep an eye on taylor for me. he was more than happy to help out and was so careful to make sure she didnt fall off the couch. how cute is this!!
taylor wasn't so sure what exactly was going on here. but how cute is this pic? this is why woman are crazy enough to go through pregnancy and child birth more than once!

just hanging out around the house

my little sister is my idol when it comes to taking pictures of just random nothingness. not that she takes bad pictures, but she ALWAYS has her camera handly and gets adorable pictures of stuff from just hanging out. since i lost my nice camera (more like got stolen!!) a while ago, i have been using out old crusty 3.2 mega pixal one from forever ago. but i have been keeping it downstairs and trying to take pictures more often. poor taylor is going to think we didnt embrace technology cause we only have her professional pictures. so here i am trying to capture some cute moments.
it has been amazing to see how much landen has grown to love his little sister. he is a very rough and tumble little boy, so when we were pregnant we were really worried about him being too rough with the baby and hurting her. but he is sooo gently and protective of taylor! he always wants to check on her when he hears her cry and always tries to entertain her with toys when im busy doing something. they are soo much fun!
one of his favorite things to do is blow raspberries on her little tummy. he always is asking to blow bubbles on her especially if he catches sight on some flesh. taylor doesnt really love the idea, but she doesnt complain either. i know he would really love doing it to her if it made her crack up. maybe later down the road she will start to get more ticklish.
just a random pic of landen watching a movie. now that we dont have cable we watch movies all the time. always cartoon ones or disney ones, but a movie none the less. luckily he has grown out of the phase where he wants to watch the same one over and over again. he still has his favorites of course, but at least we get to see a little variety.

they'll hate me when they're older

So one night last week my sister called me up and asked if i'd be willing to babysit AJ for her while her and her hubby went out to dinner for a little date night. of course i was more than happy to watch him. they left me food for him and said if he gets cranky usually a bath will calm him down. well he didn't get cranky at all, but the idea of TWO naked babies in the bath was just too much for me to handle.
isn't he just the cutest little guy you've ever seen? it was so cute cause he kept pushing the water faucet over to taylors side of the sink. he was just having a great time!taylor looks kinda drunk in the picture, but she was having a great time as well. just remember not to add any baby soap to the water as it's running cause it makes for very slippery baby butts.
landen thought the idea of taking a bath in the kitchen sick was awesome. he kept asking if he could get in there with the babies. we told him he was too big and that there's wasnt enough room for him to fit in with them. lately we have been having the hardest time to get him to eat his meals so joe told him if he finished his dinner before the babies were done with their bath that he could get in there too. we KNEW he wouldnt get done in time, but he had some serious motivation!!
i swear i do my dishes on a daily basis, but i didn't get much time after cooking and eating dinner before landen was naked and attempting to climb into the sink. i quickly got one side emptied out and he was set!
he thought this was sooo much fun! luckily he has forgotten about the bathing in the sink issue, cause i was soo sure he was going to want to start taking his bath here on a regular basis. ill just be sure not to show him the picture reminders!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my little california surfer girl

the post is a little late (like a month and a half) but the pictures are from when she was six months old. sine it was right in middle of the summer, we felt it was appropriate to do a beach them photo session. and what's the fun of a beach if you cant bare it all right!?!?

i seriously am in love with all my pictures that brooke does for me! she is so patient with trying to get taylor to smile and work with all the cute poses. im sure it helps that she has a super expensive camera and all the lighting and stuff too, but id like to think it helps that i have cute kids to start off with. i love how perfect her complexion is in the picture!

she wasn't at all interested in smiling during this photo session, but at least she wasn't making scary funky faces either. guess you gotta take what you can get when you're working with a baby.

and finally a crack of a smile! i love the faded colors in this one! i really like the color ones best where you can see her bright blue eyes, but these always look so neat too! for her seven months pictures brooke was sick, along with her kids too i think. so we had to go to JCPenny's instead. but i think they did a good job, and will be anxious to pick em up in a couple weeks and post em on here too!

i swear she didn't feed herself!

k so this is taylor this evening after my attempts to feed her vegetable beef. i dont know what it is about baby food that has carrots as the #1 ingregient, but this is what it does to my poor childs face. i have to read the jard every day to make sure im not giving her too many carrots, cause we dont want her to turn orange. poor landen went through a little orange phase before i realized that all the baby dinners are made with carrots! LOL
you cant really see much of her bib or body but she wasnt that messy at all. its just her face :). she is such a good little eater and never complains no matter what i give her. she's up to eating three times a day of real baby food (fruit in the morning, veggie at lunch and a dinner type meal at obviously dinner) plus she still takes a 6oz bottle every 4 hrs during the day. any my little angel is sleeping 12 hours straight at night for almost a month now!! a few nights ago was my first experience with going to bed at bedtime and not waking up til it was morning. i seriously hadnt done that in YEARS and it felt soo good! a girlfriend of mine commented today and taylor has suddenly really started growing more hair. im not sure its growing fast yet, but its definitely getting more than just fuzz. when she wears a headband it actually lays over the band now and when we take it off she gets crazy action all over. she has been such a fun baby so far and im really enjoying her alot! hopefully more pictures to come soon! and blog updates, since ive been slacking lately :)

our trip to CALM

some of my friends in the neighborhood put together this little co-op preschool thing. the moms all take turns having the kids at their homes and attempt to teach the kids something fun and educational for two hours. i didnt join the group, but they were all nice enough to allow us to tag along on their field trip today to CALM.

There's definitely nothing fancy about this little attempt of a zoo, but its local and fairly cheap and the little kids love it. landen and sadie (my little daycare munckin) ran all over the place checkin out the animals native to california. we were able to keep the kids outdoors and having a good time for nearly three hours and the weather was perfect! then we all stayed and had a fun little picnic together.

i think their next field trip is in another couple months and im sure we will try to tag along for that one too. i hear that have a few fun ones planned out throughout the year. we loved spending the day with our friends!

baby butts drive me nuts!!!

so i might sound crazy but taylor and I have made a big change in our lives (and poor joe too). we have decided to switch to cloth diapers!!! no she was not having an allergic reaction to disposable diapers, and no we are not crazy wacko tree huggers. i had thought about trying cloth back when i was pregnant with her, but then i got a zillion packs of diapers at my shower and didn't want them to go to waste. plus when they are newborns, they seriously poop every hour and its always nasty poop. so i decided id wait until she wasn't pooping so often and it wasnt so runny. she's now just over seven months, and to be honest i kinda forgot about the whole cloth diaper idea. but i saw someone selling some on craigslist the other day and it totally got me thinkin again. so here we are!!

for those of you who have never done any research on the matter, there are tons of options out there. and they are waaay better than back when we were babies. so far i don't like ones that secure about the baby with velcro, but totally like the snaps instead. i thought id like ones that were all one solid piece but quickly decided those were too bulky. so now i use these cute little oens that are known as pocket diapers. they are waterproof on the outside and with all the layers of snaps you dont have to continually buy bigger sizes. they are supposed to fit until the kid is potty trained! we will see about that one though :)
the diaper has a pocket throught the middle where you slide in something absorbent and there you go. for night time you can add an extra layer or whatever you need. so far we are loving them! yes cleaning off the poop is not the most glamorous thing in the world, but im fine with it and its soo nice not throwing away 10 diapers a day just wasting all that money!!! not to mention these are soo much cuter than pampers or huggies or whatever brand of disposable you can think of. much thanx to my great cousin marguerite for loaning me all her fuzzy bunz and for all her advice in the cloth diaper dept.

Monday, October 5, 2009

oh the joys of being a mom!

ok so i haven't taken any pictures with my real camera lately (just my cell phone) so i don't have anything cute to show off this week. but i want to stay up to date with my postings, just i thought i'd fill ya in on some of my recent funny experiences. landen has FINALLY accomplished daytime potty training. he still wears a pull-up to sleep, but he doesn't have to be reminded a zillion times to go potty during the day. he will actually come tell me when he needs to go, and takes care of it himself. of course he yells for me to come help with clean up duty when it's #2, but its soooo much better when its not smeared all over his bum and in his clothes!!! sorry if this is TMI, but most of you who read this are moms, so you understand :) landen is really enjoying his preschool so far (he goes twice a week) and i can already tell he's learning things. his teacher has such cute ideas for how to teach them things. he comes home and tells me what he learned and i always wonder why i didn't think of that idea! taylor is seven months old now and she is actually sleeping 12 hours straight at night! i dont think landen EVER did that as a baby, and its sooo nice! i put her down about 7 and she wakes up about 7 the next morning. no more middle of the night feedings!!!!! she is getting close to crawling as well. if you put her down on her belly is she get up on her hands and knees and kinda rock back and forth for a while and it's soo cute. we are starting to have nicer weather here in good ol bakersfield and we are really loving playing outside more often. not to mention getting to bust out the cool weather wardrobe that i totally love.
of course my own kids arent the only ones around my house getting into funny things. the other day i was watching my friends boys and the potty trained one forgot to flush the toilet. i didn't realize that was a problem until his two younger brothers decided to go splash around in it while i wasn't looking! the little girl sadie that i babysit has learned how to climb out of the playpen i put her in for naps. so the poor thing just gets locked in the bedroom and hammers on the door until she finally passes out and sleeps on the floor. today while i had my back to her she found a jar of glue and decided to finger paint herself with it! we quickly cleaned up the mess, but boy was it a shocker when i first turned around.
well that's all for now. as soon as i get some pictures from our recent fair trip ill make a post about it. adios for now!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

any else excited about this!?!?

taylors most recent photo shoot

i like to have pictures taken of my kids every month for the first year of their lives. then i have this super cute frame that i put up on the wall that shows each month up until their first birthday. it's so crazy how fast they grow each month when they are so young. with landen i just took him to JCPennys each month. but with taylor my great friend brooke has offered to take her pictures for me instead. i still pay her for her time, but it is soo much better to going to the mall and waiting over an hour because they are ALWAYS running late and then taylor either being hungry or tired or asleep once they finally get around to taking our pictures. so this last month (i cannot believe that my little girl is already almost six months old!) we went and had some pictures taken of taylor at brookes house and attempted to throw some little props in the change things around. here are a few of my favorites!
she liked holding herself up on the basket alot!
she is starting to be able to sit up on her own, but only for short periods of time. we kept trying to prop her up and then jump back and get a picture of it before she would tip over
she just loved playing with the thule stuff we put in the basket with her. we couldnt get her to look away from it long enough to get a shot of her actually in the basket and looking at the camera at this same time though. i think in this one she was actually looking over at brookes little girl alaura who was being a great little helper trying to make faces and funny noises at taylor to get her to smile
no idea what program brooke uses but i LOVE how this turned out with the colors all faded. you can still kinda see the colors in her outfit and her bow and then a little pink to her cheecks and the blue in her eyes. i just LOVE LOVE it!

fun night at the park

so last night as we were finishing dinner i mentioned to joe that maybe we should go for a little walk around the neighborhood. the weather was nice and we still had about an hour before we needed to get the kids ready for bed. just as we were finishing up my friend from down the street mentioned that she was loading her kids into the car taking them to the park. it sounded like a great idea, so we decided to go with them instead of going for a walk. the kids ran around like crazy and got all hot and tired, which us parents LOVED. carianne was smart enough to bring her awesome camera along and took tons of cute pics of everyone.
landen has decided that he likes to make this cute little pose when he smiles for the camera
i remember when him climbing this wall would scare the poop outta me. now i just let him go for it :)
taylor has officially learned how to kiss people and she is definitely NOT shy about going for the kill. she was showin one of her boyfriends here how it's done!
i KNOW landen and issac will be very embarassed about this picture in another five years or so, but in the mean time it's soo dang cute! landen loves his friend isaac and gets soo excited when they get to play together. here we were attempting to get them to do a "bro-hug" where they just put an arm around each others neck, but we got this romance instead LOL
taylor has really decided to be a happy baby. now that she is on a good eating and sleeping schedule she hardly ever cries. unless she's stuck in the car and it's past her bedtime or something like that. but if she's awake after a good nap and she's been fed then she is sooo happy to be around.
before we left carianne wanted to get a cute shot of all the kids laying in the grass. i thought she only was referring to her family of kids, but she was nice enough to even let my little kiddos in on the action.
they are arranged from oldest to youngest here (i wonder if the twins are in order of who was born first??)
of course the photo wasn't complete til we threw taylor down there too. she refused to look at the camera though. she just couldnt take her eyes off the cute boy laying next to her
landen had so much fun playing and he was soo tired and itchy by the time we got back in the car to go home. he decided it would be fun to roll around in the grass with isaac after the little photo shoot and was scratching all over all the way home.
and just one last happy picture of taylor. i think she was talking and giggling with lexi one of the perry girls here. she loves getting attention!

my boy is all grown-up now!

last week landen started a new phase in his life: PRESCHOOL!! he goes on tuesday and thursday every week from 9am-noon. he goes to Heather's House Preschool which is only a few minutes away from our house. the lady who runs the program goes to our church, and is actually landen's nursery teacher. so he already knows her and she already knows him. his first day was very exciting for him and i was so proud that i didn't cry when i dropped him off. honestly i think it was all because i knew landen wouldn't be scared with his teacher. plus 5 of the 6 kids all go to our church so he already knew most of them as well. even his really good friend alaura is in his class! but i honestly just cant believe he is already old enough to be in school. where did the time go? every day i look at taylor and i remember how recently landen was reaching the same exact milestones. it doesnt seem like its been that long!! but so far he's having a great time at school. he tells me all about his day as soon as he gets in the car and so far has been pretty excited about the idea of doing homework and learning new things. this week he is starting to learn to write his name which makes him feel very proud :) and makes me proud too!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

guess what we got!?!?

k so it's totally been killin me not to blog about this for the past almost month now, but we wanted to keep this a secret until we went down to san diego for joe's sisters wedding. we wanted to pull up in the drive way and say "suprise we got a new car!" no one seemed quite as excited about it as we were of course, but it was fun none the less. so anyways heres the whole story:
a few moths before taylor was born i finally got around to looking for our next car. the 4runner was still running great and was almost at 100,000 miles but with two kids in car seats and the occiasinal babyistting kid, that left me stuck at home. i couldn't fit all three carseats in the back seat :( so i went and looked for something a little bit bigger and fell in love with the honda pilot. they had just come out with the 09 model which offered the rear hatch window to actually pop open without opening the whole entire hatch door. the earlier models didnt offer that feature so i knew i wanted to wait and get a new one rather than getting something used. the pilot was longer than the 4runner with seating for 8 (the pop up third row is awesome) and wide enough to put all three carseats in the middle row and still have seating for more! we didn't want to be stuck with a crazy $500 car payment each month, so we decided to wait a while longer and keep saving.
so about a month ago we see this commercial advertising that honda was doing some cool trade-in program where they will give you blue book value if you had a honda, nissan or toyota. so we went down to check it out and see what kind of deal we could get. my mom told us good luck which was funny. cause to me that meant i hope you come home with a new car, but to joe that meant i hope you dont get stuck buying a new car today LOL but anyways we go down to honda and they check out the 4runner and tell us what they will give us for it. we check out all the pilots they had on the lot and narrow it down to a few that have the features we wanted. joe really wanted to get 4wheel drive just in case we move somewhere that has snow (he's hoping utah, but im hoping NOT). so joe is taking to the salesguy and throws out an offer on the pilot they had in the show room. the guy comes back with a counter offer and joe sticks to his original offer plus requests a few upgrades get thrown in too (not going in the direction the sales guy had hoped for im sure). then joe does the unthinkable! he tells the guy if he gets the car with the upgrades he wants at that offer, then he's got himself a deal! i couldn't believe my ears! did he seriously just say that?! so the guy comes back and they shake on it and HOLY CRAP we just bought a brand new car!!
so here is the beautiful new addition! it is an 09 honda pilot. it's the EX model i think and it's 4wheel drive.it's not leather interior, but the fabric is really nice! they even put in a dvd player that pops down for landen to watch movies for our road trips and let me say it is awesome! it even came with two sets of wireless headphones so he can watch his movie and we dont have to listen to it upfront. it only had 245 miles on it when we drove off, but it's got quite a few more now after a trip down to san diego. i am so in love with it aleady and its beautiful and awesome in every way. i am so lucky to have so many blessings in my life to be able to get this car when we did! thanx hunny you're the best!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

swimmin the summer away!!

so this summer we decided to enroll landen in swim lessons at greenacres park. he loves to be in the water so we figured it would be good exercise for him (so he would maybe even take a nap for me) and would be fun too. the classes only last two weeks so we put him in the beginning toddler class and then right into the advanced toddler class. so he got four weeks full of swimming 5 days a week! im not sure how much he actually learned in the beginning toddler class, but he has really come soo far in the advanced class. he has two teachers and they do an awesome job with the little kids. landen is the youngest in his class of 5 (the other kids are between 4-5) but i think he's doing just as good as they are (even better maybe). tomorrow is actually his last day of lessons and i think we will both be sad to say goodbye. i wasn't planning to put him in lessons next summer because the next level is for kids at least 5 yrs old. he will only be 4.5 by then, so i wasn't going to make him repeat the advanced toddler class again. today his swim teacher actually informed me that she thinks he is advanced enough to move up to the level 1 class next year even though he wont be old enough!! i wasn't totally excited and super proud of him! so hopefully next summer he will get to go to swim lessons again and learn even more!! these are a couple videos from my dad's house. he was having so much fun and i was attempting to catch it on film :) enjoy

i cant believe he has actually figured out how to come up for air and keep swimming without being able to reach the bottom! i didn't know kids his age could swim this good already. maybe i just haven't been around enough small kids with pools but i think ive got one skilled swimmer myself :P

of course we can't go swimming without taylor joining us. and it seems like she already likes the water as well. she hasn't figured out how to swim to the bottom yet LOL or how to do flips off the diving board but she's making progress. this was the first time i attempted to dunk her under. please ignore my annoying voice in the background (or even better put your computer on mute before you play the video clip). her face was way better in person but i was just happy that she didn't scream and cry

and a cute pic of dad and his little girl enjoy the cool water on a HOT day in bakersfield

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the quota trip

ok so here's the post on the details of our recent quota trip. last year joe's entire team made it to 100% of their expected quotas so they were rewarded with this quota trip. so as a team they all decided to go to laguna beach for 4 days. they are allowed to go anywhere in the US, but the more it costs to get there, the less spending money you get to spend during your free time. so we went to laguna beach which is fairly close, only a few team members had to fly, the rest of us drove. we stayed at the Ritz Carlton and all got ocean view rooms. the rooms normally cost about 1500 per night!!! no way will we ever spend our own money to stay at a place like that, so it was fun to be a little out of our comfort zone.

each employee was allowed to bring a spouse or whatever, but no kids. we got to bring taylor along cause im nursing her. all the other moms were so jealous that she was with us, and just loved making her smile. but anyways, we were given as a couple $1600 spending money to use on food and entertainment. we were not allowed to actually buy anything, just spend it on having a good time. if we didn't spend it all we didn't get to keep it, it was strictly use it or loose it. so we decided to go to legoland one day and also went to the little aquarium that is next door to there. then we checked into the hotel which was crazy fancy. that night we had a little team dinner get-together thing at the hotel. all the employees and their spouses got little gifts from their manager. the next day we went to disneyland and had fun riding a few of the rides taylor was allowed to go on.
while we were at disneyland i thought it would be cute to try some funny hats on taylor. of course they dont make them in newborn size, so most of them were way too big. this first one was by far my favorite. she was having soo much fun! these are the other two that were pretty dang cute too

the little princess minnie mouse hat with the veil and crown and everything :)you cant really tell, but this hat did have mickey ears on it
she really liked riding it's a small world. there were so many colorful things for her to look at. not sure why the camera didn't take a very good picture, cause she's looking kinda orange. i think it just had something to do with the flash
and of course the standard end of the day picture. i dont think it matters what age your kid is when you take em to disneyland. this is what they ALL look like when it's time to go home. we had a blast on our trip and are anxious to take landen to disneyland next month after auntie jenna's wedding. i plan to spend a little time down in san diego with joe's other sister april and take landen to legoland. so more fun pictures to come soon!!!

we both got really nice hour long massages at the spa there at the hotel as well. that was my first experience getting a massage, and i really really hope it's not my last. we also went and saw the medieval times dinner and show thing which was pretty fun.

this is us checking out the big horses before the show
i looked like a total retard wearing the crown, but i think taylor was able to pull it off :)
taylor was such a good sport not being on her normal routine of 2hr long naps three times a day. she would just take little half hour power naps here and there and stayed fairly happy the entire trip. we had her sleep in a crib at night and put the crib inside the bathroom so it was quiet and dark for her. i tried to call and check on landen at least once a day, but he didn't really want to talk to me. he was having too much fun staying at his friend isaacs house one night, then my moms house for two nights, then at his friend alaura's house for the final night. this was his first experience getting to stay the night at a friend's house and i think he really enjoyed it.

one night we just stayed at the hotel and ordered room service for dinner and then decided to watch a movie. they offered this "movie package" thing so we said what the heck. it included this little spread of movie treats along with a voucher for a free in-room movie. so we watched the wolverine begins movie and it was pretty good. all for the price of $43 LOL