Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we LOVE chocolate milk!!

at our house we are big fans of ovaltine. took this cute picture a couple days ago after he took a big swig and just loved it. so this entry isn't a big eventful post, just loved the pic and thought id share it with my fellow bloggers :) hope u enjoy

welcome to the family MAX!

after several months of my cat Mace being missing in action i decided to tell joe that i wanted a new kitty. honestly i expected him to say absolutely no that we dont need another pet. we already have two dogs. he said he was suprised that i had waited this long to ask for one in the first place. i decided to check the prices of the local spca as well as the animal shelter. the spca was kinda pricey at $55 for a kitty but i was suprised to find out that the shelter was promoting "cat adoption month" and the price was only $15! the kitty comes with its first set of shots, spayed or neutered, a voucher for a free vet exam, a bag of kitten food and its first dose of flea treatment. i guess joe figured $15 was worth the gamble of getting a new kitty so that same day we went down to the shelter and let landen pick himself out a kitten. our only rules was it had to be male, and still a kitten rather than an adult cat. he picked one out that was scheduled to be neutered the next day, so we had to wait a couple days to pick him up. over the few days of waiting landen decided to name the kitty Max and couldn't stop talking about him. every time we would walk to the front door or mention we were going somewhere he would ask if we were going to get his favorite friend kitty max yet. we have had max for nearly a week now and landen is soo in love with him! he carries him around the house all day long and runs to play with him as soon as we get home from anywhere! here's a few pics of the new best friends together

landen just loves to sit on the couch with max on his lap watching movies
the kitty cannot do anything without landens supervision including getting a drink of water
he is so proud of his favorite friend kitty max
and the kitty is soo tolerant to just let landen drag him around and take him everywhere

taylors first photoshoot

one of my bet friends Brooke has started up her own photography business. she had a baby girl back in january and i helped watch her older daughter Alaura quite a bit. so in return she offered to do a little photo shoot of taylor for me. ive already posted these pics on my facebook and myspace but im on a hick to do some blog updates so here ya go:i can't believe she is strong enough to hold herself up like this already!

who doesn't love a little baby naked bum!?!?
shortly after this shot she decided to kick her legs out and literally jumped out of the camera shot
i think this one is my favorite. she just looks so innocent and perfect
showing off her pretty blessing dress :)


its not the occupation of being a plumber that i hate, or the dirty work they sometimes have to do. its the fact that i am awake at 7am for the second day in a row waiting for the plumber to arrive to fix the awful pipe hammering in my walls and he's still not here. apparently yesterday he had a family emergency (yeah right!) but the company failed to call and let me know he wouldn't be stopping by. i had to sit there and wait for 45 minutes until i finally picked up the phone to see what was going on. so they apologized and rescheduled for today at 7am. it is now exactly 7:41am and still no plumber. joe is out of town at week in seattle for a work meeting and im home with the two kiddos. i have to schedule these plumbing appts early cause dominic (my day care kiddo) sleeps downstairs for his naps and i dont want the workers waking him up.
**UPDATE** the plumber just called and will be here in about half an hour. what the heck is so hard about being on a job site ON TIME!?!? seriously i woke up at 630 this morning to be up and ready for him and he's not gunna be here until after 8am. i soo could have slept in and really need my sleep these days. i think im gunna call the company and speak with the manager and make a complaint cause this is ridiculous! i guess one good thing did come of it though, im up and awake and both kids are asleep so im updating my blog. but grrrr i much rather would have liked to sleep til after 8 since both my kids are sleeping!