Thursday, March 10, 2011

going kinda out of order here

i know that these posts are totally out of order but its better than nothing. im sure whoever out in cyber world is reading this will enjoy the pictures even out of order :) i decided not to do a 3d ultrasound with this pregnancy because i didnt want to know the gender so i debated doing maternity pictures instead. then i decided i didnt want to have a bunch of pictures of myself with a belly LOL. so we did a super fun newborn photo shoot instead. i looked on the internet for different fun poses of sleepy naked babies and gave them to brooke as ideas id like to try. the shoot ended up taking like two hours because he just didnt want to fall asleep. but when he finally did knock out it was soo fun moving him around into cute poses! here they are!!

the cloth bum!

so as some of you know i switched taylor into cloth diapers when she was about 4 months old. many of you probably thought i was crazy or a weird tree hugger or something, and i am proud to say that i am still using cloth diapers. i think for one they are soo dang cute compared to a white diaper with mickey mouse on the front that feels like paper. i sure wouldnt want to wear paper underwear every day! but really, i do enjoy doing cloth diapers so much on both the kids (hoping taylor potty trains soon). it really isnt like it was back in the old days. i use the Gro-Via diapers for both kids. its a one size fits almost all that you can adjust to fit all sizes of kids. nathan wears it on the smallest setting and taylor on the largest. i have a sink in my laundry room so after i take off a dirty diaper i spray it off and then leave it til i do laundry that night. i have tried to get friends to try them out and make the switch as well because its sooo nice not having to buy diapers all the time! i couldnt imagine how much i would be spending on paper diapers right now with the two still in them! here's a few pictures to show off our fluff!
this was him at one month old. i try to do pictures every month for the first year since they change soo much soo fast
look how much he is growing! this is his two month photo shoot. how can you not think this diaper is soo dang cute!

time to do some catching up!!

yes i realize that the baby is no longer a tiny newborn in the NICU. but i DID finally update my family picture so that should count for something right!?!? i will try to do a few more posts today while landen is at school. for now enjoy a couple recent pics of my THREE kids
I cannot believe what a handsome boy he is becoming. he will be five years old in another couple weeks. he has really dont a great job being a big brother as well. he is sooo proud that he finally has a little brother. he asks to hold him all the time!
taylor and her crazy red hair! who would have thought that my family with all blondes would have this little girl! i have never been a fan of redheads but i couldnt imagine her any other way. she just turned two this past weekend (ill do a separate post) and she is such a fun little girl. she loves being a big sister to her baby and wants to help me do EVERYTHING!
and of course the newest guy who just turned three months old yesterday. he is not very little anymore tho as you can see. he is just the happiest guy ever and smiles all day long. he has been sleeping thru the night for a few weeks now and i just moved him into the crib in his own bedroom. i am hoping that when he gets older that the boys can share a bedroom and we will still have a guest room for when family/friends come to visit.