Monday, November 10, 2008

we're having a girl Pictures, Images and Photos

well at least thats what it looks like we're having. we've had two ultrasounds done since the baby has been big enough to determine the gender, and from the looks of it, there's nothing between the legs. my next appointment is the 25th and my dr does ultrasounds at every visit, so im hoping to get a third and final confirmation. but we're pretty sure that things will stay pink. of course ive already bought a couple little pink flowery outfits just cause ive never got to before but thats all we've done. i havent picked out bedding or anything big yet. we do have a name though, and i guess that's a big one. her name will be Taylor Jean Brooks. Taylor is joe's moms maiden name and Jean is my grandmas first name. but we both like the name even if it didnt relate to our families at all. i know ive lived in the new house for a couple months now but i still havent got the computer set up with the scanner yet, so still no pictures. maybe i'll try to put that on my to-do list for this week. i dont watch any kids full time anymore, just two little part timers. so maybe later this week when its just me and landen ill be able to get something accomplished while he's napping. then i can post some belly pictures for everyone to laugh at. really im not that huge yet, but i do for sure have a belly and i think as of two weeks ago ive gained like 11 pounds. but my little sister is pregnant too right now so its been really fun getting big together. we found out two days apart the genders (she's having a boy and this will be her first natural child). her hubby has a little guy from a previous relationship. she's naming her little dude Austin James and he's due three weeks after our little girl is due. so it'll be interesting to see who gains the most weight, and who is closest to their due dates and who delivers first. guess thats all for now :)