Thursday, January 6, 2011

new family pic coming soon

yes i know we have now been a family of five for four whole weeks now. my profile picture on here is very old and outdated, but we have already taken new family pictures and are waiting for them to be edited and sent to us. i also am very much looking forward to nathans newborn pictures. i had my best friend take those sleepy pose newborn pics that you always see that are soooo adorable. i cant wait to get them back and post them for everyone to see :)
update on baby-he is doing good eating every 3 hours (half formula and half breastmilk). he has his one month appt on monday and i expect the dr to say he is lookin good. i have no idea how much weight he has gained but i know he is growing. he is starting to get a little chubby cheek action going on! he still fits into the newborn size clothes tho, so im guessing in the 8-9lb range. i will definitely update on here after his appt. i have taken pics with my cell phone and joe's as well so ill do some random around the house pictures on here as well.