Thursday, November 5, 2009

we are moving now!

taylor is offically 8 months old today and she is so much fun. recently she has learned to do the army crawl and is very much enjoying her new found independence. she loves to follow the cat around and pet on his and tug on him. and maxx is so good with her and tolerates her torture.
how do kids manage to grow up soo fast?? it seems impossible that this little girl is already 8 months old! didn't i just have her like two months ago?? it's not fair! she's going to be a year old in no time at all! someone please make it stop, or at least slow down.

i had to run upstairs the other day and asked landen if he could keep an eye on taylor for me. he was more than happy to help out and was so careful to make sure she didnt fall off the couch. how cute is this!!
taylor wasn't so sure what exactly was going on here. but how cute is this pic? this is why woman are crazy enough to go through pregnancy and child birth more than once!

just hanging out around the house

my little sister is my idol when it comes to taking pictures of just random nothingness. not that she takes bad pictures, but she ALWAYS has her camera handly and gets adorable pictures of stuff from just hanging out. since i lost my nice camera (more like got stolen!!) a while ago, i have been using out old crusty 3.2 mega pixal one from forever ago. but i have been keeping it downstairs and trying to take pictures more often. poor taylor is going to think we didnt embrace technology cause we only have her professional pictures. so here i am trying to capture some cute moments.
it has been amazing to see how much landen has grown to love his little sister. he is a very rough and tumble little boy, so when we were pregnant we were really worried about him being too rough with the baby and hurting her. but he is sooo gently and protective of taylor! he always wants to check on her when he hears her cry and always tries to entertain her with toys when im busy doing something. they are soo much fun!
one of his favorite things to do is blow raspberries on her little tummy. he always is asking to blow bubbles on her especially if he catches sight on some flesh. taylor doesnt really love the idea, but she doesnt complain either. i know he would really love doing it to her if it made her crack up. maybe later down the road she will start to get more ticklish.
just a random pic of landen watching a movie. now that we dont have cable we watch movies all the time. always cartoon ones or disney ones, but a movie none the less. luckily he has grown out of the phase where he wants to watch the same one over and over again. he still has his favorites of course, but at least we get to see a little variety.

they'll hate me when they're older

So one night last week my sister called me up and asked if i'd be willing to babysit AJ for her while her and her hubby went out to dinner for a little date night. of course i was more than happy to watch him. they left me food for him and said if he gets cranky usually a bath will calm him down. well he didn't get cranky at all, but the idea of TWO naked babies in the bath was just too much for me to handle.
isn't he just the cutest little guy you've ever seen? it was so cute cause he kept pushing the water faucet over to taylors side of the sink. he was just having a great time!taylor looks kinda drunk in the picture, but she was having a great time as well. just remember not to add any baby soap to the water as it's running cause it makes for very slippery baby butts.
landen thought the idea of taking a bath in the kitchen sick was awesome. he kept asking if he could get in there with the babies. we told him he was too big and that there's wasnt enough room for him to fit in with them. lately we have been having the hardest time to get him to eat his meals so joe told him if he finished his dinner before the babies were done with their bath that he could get in there too. we KNEW he wouldnt get done in time, but he had some serious motivation!!
i swear i do my dishes on a daily basis, but i didn't get much time after cooking and eating dinner before landen was naked and attempting to climb into the sink. i quickly got one side emptied out and he was set!
he thought this was sooo much fun! luckily he has forgotten about the bathing in the sink issue, cause i was soo sure he was going to want to start taking his bath here on a regular basis. ill just be sure not to show him the picture reminders!