Thursday, November 22, 2007

and turkey day makes 4

well just letting anyone who reads this know
we are expecting another little one
just found out yesterday via home prego test
so we'll have to get an official blood test when we get back in town
we will keep you posted on anything new we find out

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

we sold our house!!!

guess you fello bloggers were too slow, cause we officially sold our house today
escrow starts tomorrow and ends Nov. 30
wish us luck that the buyers dont fall out or anything crazy like that
we'll need lots of help packing and moving :)
also if anyone knows someone with a cute house for rent let me know

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AM I NUTS?!?!?!?

im not sure if im going to survive today or not, so i should probably leave this one last blog for everyone to remember me by. not only am i babysitting my friend jennifers two boys (tyler i 7 and joey i 14 months) which i have been doing for about a month and a half now, but starting today im also babysitting my friend tara' kid too (averi who is 7 weeks)!!! also keep in mind that i also have landen ontop of these three extra kids. and our house is on the market so i have to keep it perfectly clean at all times. sound impossible huh!? yeah thats pretty much what i was thinking too.
but hey this will be a good test to see if we are ready for another baby in the house. ive already learned how very grateful i am that we didnt have twins, so maybe this will be a good birth control. actually she probably wont be any bother at all, since she still has her days and nights confused. more than likely ill have her all day today and she'll just wake up to eat and poop. her poor mother though! hopefully i can keep her awake today so her mom can get some sleep tonight. if i dont write back after this, you might want to call and make sure im still alive!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

House anyone?

k so our house is officially on the market. we dont know where we are moving or how soon we are leaving, but we're selling the house. we spent this last weekend painting the interior so its looks really nice. i already pulled a million weeds and planted some cute flowers and shrubs so the front walk looks really cute too. we are using watson realty and so far they are doing a great job. they came out yesterday and put some flyers in the box attached to the for sale sign and we've already had a couple people just in the neighborhood stop and grab one. one family actually called our realtor and came by today to look at it. they really liked it alot (want to move into something bigger) and they are in the process of putting their house on the market (pricing it low so it sells quick) so they can maybe buy our house. they havent made an official offer, but at least they liked it enough to try to sell their house. ill be sure to keep you posted. you can go on the realtors website and see pics they took of the house. its watson realty in bakersfield. our realtor is karen farr. you can see all of her listing and our house is the one for sale for $249,950. wish us luck!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

bud came home!

well my brother buddy who is serving in the air force came home this past week. he took a two week leave to come back to visit. he drove a full 20 hours straight all by himself and showed up at my moms door to suprise her. my sister monica and I both knew he was coming, but it was a big suprise to all the rest of the family. we have had a good time visiting so far. this is a pic from lunch at carls jr with all the siblings together. we dont do stuff with just the four of us very often so it was really nice.

landens birthday

well yeah landens birthday was only in March, and its already may and im just now posting stuff, but hey its better late than never right. and im not even sure anyone reads this thing, so its just for me anyways. as you can see he had alot of fun with the chocolate cupcake. it looked like he got shot in the head and was bleeding chocolate!
we had a great party turnout! so many of our wonderful friends came and shared in the celebration. i cant believe that he is already a year old! i know everyone says time flies, but it really does when you watch a little person grow up right before your eyes. i hope that the remaining years have just as many wonderful moments and smiles and giggles as the first!

the new mutt

well after about a month of doing internet research about different breeds of dogs we finally got ourselves Cosmo. he joined the family after we had to put one of our dogs Carmen to sleep. she was showing alot of signs of being aggressive towards landen, and we couldnt risk her biting him. she had been abused by the people before we owned her, so she had every reason to be scared. but she just couldnt forget to abuse, and learn to love and trust again. so cosmo joined us about two weeks ago and we're totally loving him. he is only 7 months old but already really smart. he knows how to play fetch and listens when you call his name really well. he still runs away when landen comes after him, but landen is bigger than him so he is smart to run! he's been alot of fun and its good for dodger to have a buddy to play with while im away at school and joe is at work. he's really fitting into the family well.

im still alive!

yeah well i guess this blog business is just like the journal. its hard to remember to always write stuff down when it happens. but things are going good here lately. landen is getting bigger and smarter by the day. he is starting to copy different words that you say. i think he knows the name of one of our dogs and he tries to say "dodger" all the time. he knows "ball" really well and loves throwing it around for the dogs. one of his favorite things to do lately is going to the park and riding on the swing. he gets really upset when its time to go and leave the swing! he's a master walker too now. he falls down and bumps into things pretty often (looks like someone should call CPS one me) but he's got a tough head. it's so fun watching him learn so many new things so quickly!

Friday, February 23, 2007

the new do

well landen has gotten his first official haircut. he had the sides trimmed once before by joe's mom, but this was the first full blown hair cut. i took him into my grandma's salon and she even used the clippers. he did so good just sitting there on joe's lap while she went to town. he really had alot of hair to cut off. and now with the spikes he really really looks like a little joe jr. no way people can mistake him for a girl now. not that they did before, but he is for sure a little man now. he's definitely gunna be a lady killer! watch out girls he's almost walkin.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bye bye fever hello rash. after a few days of fevers at 105 degrees i was so excited when it finally went back to normal. i thought the medicine was finally working and i was out of the woods, until this morning. i didnt get much sleep last night because landen was very restless tossing and turning like crazy. this morning when i got up to feed him i noticed his face kinda had some pink little spots on it, so i lifted his shirt and HELLO! his entire body (face, scalp, chest, back, diaper area) was covered in a rash. i basically freaked out. ive called the dr's office and they said a rash after a really high fever is a typical symptom of roseola. which you can do nothing to help but wait it out since its caused by a virus. so i just have to sit here and keep an eye on him and see if it gets better or worse. im sorta frustrated because i really thought dr's would do more for me. guess i still have alot to learn in the parenting dept.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

poor little guy!

well when i got home today from my morning class landen wasn't looking to cheery. joe had stayed home with him and said that his nose wouldnt stop running. he kept sneezing and snot would blow all over the place! it was sooo gross. but joe took off to go to a dr's office and left me home. i noticed that landen felt a little warm so i took him temperature, and he had a fever. it was only 100.6 but still. so i went ahead and called the dr's office and took him in. i honestly figured they would tell me he had a cold and to go back home. but he has tonsillitus! poor little guy. he was put on an antibiotic for five days. hopefully he gets better soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

figuring this out

well i am just now figuring this idea out about posting a blog. ive never been good at writing in journals, so this might not be very current. but i know its nice for family to have up to date information on the family and obviously everyone wants to see current pictures of landen. its late right now though, and i need to get some sleep before my big accounting exam thursday. ill try to post more pictures and maybe read a tutorial or somethin about this thing. hope i save the link so i dont forget how to get back on here!