Sunday, January 11, 2009

3-4d ultrasound

k so i havent had luck uploading the video of the 3-4d ultrasound but at least we have a few pictures on here now of her. sorry for those of you who read this and dont want to see girly pics to prove the gender. i figure most of the people who read this are girls and some are even pregnant themselves, so i dont think anyone will mind. but we had the 3d ultrasound on friday originally, but her face was turned the other way so we didnt get ANY good shots besides her ear. so they let me come back again on tuesday and try it again and she was a bit more cooperative. she still had her hand in her face the entire time so we didnt get any totally complete face shots, but you can at least see her for the most part. im now a few days past 30 weeks so its the downward slope of being pregnant. i start going to the dr every two weeks which is think its wayy to often to go to the dr, but no complaints. everything looks good and i think ive gained around 25 pounds so far. the only part of me that looks pregnant is my round belly (well maybe my boobs a bit larger now too). but from the backside you'd never even know i was pregnant. its also been really fun being pregnant at the same time as my sister monica who is only due three weeks after me. we both are gaining a belly and both are having dr appts and ultrasounds close, so its fun to compare everything. but besides that things are going good. landen is starting to get the idea of me having a baby in my belly and he refers to her by name sometimes even. i think since ive babysat so much that he'll adjust well to having her around when she's born. he already loves babies and always wants to be a helper. ill try to do another update post later today about christmas.

k so im not sure if the video on here is gunna work or not, but at least we have a few pictures