Sunday, May 17, 2009

when the boys are away.........the girls will play :)

well joe and landen went camping for a church activity friday night, so that left just me and taylor home alone. so of course i felt we needed to get outta the house and do something. a friend of mine from church who also lives down the street had her three older children gone for the night as well, so we decided to go out with just us and the babies (she has twin boys).
so we got ourselves all glammed up (i put on makeup for maybe the third time this year) and went out to dinner with my friend and her boys. we always joke around that taylor is going to grow up and date the boys so of course she had to look her best too. we ended up just going to que pasa at the marketplace for a yummy dinner then walked around and laughed at all the teeny boppers wearing some crazy outfits. my friends bro-in-law was also dj
i swear she knows how to do the biggest smile, but she refuses to do it on camera. she will just be sitting there smiling like crazy and making the cutest cooing sounds and i bring out the camera and she gives me the stone face! but of course the boys still thought she looked great. but she needs our opinion, she just cant seem to decide which one to go for first. they are both adorable (they are twins remember) and are both in love with her, and of course are both great at making her laugh. so what do you think?
should she go for him:
or him:

enjoying the warm weather!

so when landen isnt feeling under the weather we have been trying to spend alot of time outside enjoying the warm, but not too hot, weather while we can. its been soo much fun having lots of young kids on our block to be able to come over and play. landen got a cute little slip and slide for his birthday from his friend avery that we have been using nearly every day. then my friend carianne gave me a great idea to put the slip and slide underneath the slide and have them go down the slide ONTO the slip and slide. what a great idea!!! obviously the kids loved it and now landen wants to do this every single day as soon as he wakes up. i have a hard time getting him to even eat breakfast before he's wanting to go outside and "slip slide". and he prefers not to do this alone but requests to have his friends alaura, isaac, alyssa and alexis all come over and play with him.
im not quite brave enough to watch ALL the kids at the same time, but a couple of them at a time seems to work out great. luckily everyone plays well together and they are soo cute to listen to them talk to each other like little adults! we are soo grateful for living in this new ward and this new great neighborhood. there are so many wonderful young couples that we have become friends with and landen loves all his new friends.

grandbaby pictures

so we figured since there are four grandkids now on my side of the family, that it was due time to get em all together and get their pictures taken. little did we know just how hard it would be to get two newborns and two toddler boys all to cooperate for pictures at the same time! landen was a little bit too helpful trying to help get the other kids attention by tickling them or talking to them or whatever the photographer was trying to do, he copied her. it was quite a challenge to say the least. but we managed to get at least one good pose of all four kids not crying and at least sorta looking in the direction of the camera. so to celebrate we let the big boys ride on a couple rides at the mall while we waited for the pictures to process. landen and bradyn did so good taking turns driving the rides even!
so we go back to pick out the pictures and leave the dads in charge of the kids while monica and i pick out which pictures to order. poor bradyn had been at JCPennys for long enough and almost fell asleep watching the movie. he was a tired little boy! but he sure looked cute with his little mohawk hair even with his fussy face!!
And this is cute little AJ being such a good tropper waiting for pictures to process. both babies were soo good while we moved them around in all the different poses. we even managed to get pictures of the babies with both of their brothers together plus the two families managed to get little family pics too. not bad for a day's work huh. now we just cant wait to get the pictures back in a couple more days!! (sorry the pic is crooked, i couldnt figure out how to rotate it)

everybodys sick

well for the last week or so both kids have been under the weather. landen has HUGE swollen glands but the dr said its just a reaction to having a bug. they said nothing was contagious but he's just not the playful happy guy like he normally is. he gets soo upset when he cant break out his nose too and tells me his nose "it's working". and i think his throat hurts a little bit too cause he refuses to swallow his spit and just has been drooling all over the place!
poor little taylor has a stuffy nose and has a hard time breathing especially when she tries to nurse. i try shooting saline drops up there and sucking everything out with one of those blue bulb things but she HATES that too. last night was better for her breathing cause my friend loaned me this cute little green frog humidifier and i think it helped. she fed at 1030pm and then didnt wake up to eat again until 630am! yeah so i think that's officially her first time sleeping through the night. not that im expecting it to happen again tonight, but it was nice! im looking forward to both of them feeling 100% again though so we can have more fun outside playing in the warm weather!
up til now taylor has been so great about sleeping anywhere, especially on the kitchen bar in her little bouncy chair. but lately she hasnt been sleeping as good downstairs or being held so i have been putting her in her bassinet upstairs and she will sleep soo much better. but after falling down the stairs TWICE in the last couple days ive really been trying to get her to stay downstairs with me. so slept like this on her changing table for like half an hour then got ticked off. but it sure was cute with her little butt up in the air while it lasted huh!?!?

Monday, May 11, 2009

pet lovers unite!

for all those doggie lovers out there check out this photographers website. she belongs to a chat board that i visit quit often and not only does she do great work with pictures, but she's doing this fun contest this week. you just visit this etsy site and pick out your favorite fabric andt hen leave your fabric choice as a comment to her, and she'll pick one winner to get that collar free! so im posting it on here then plan to send out a bulliten on myspace as well, so i can have more than once chance to win a cute collar for cosmo! here is the photographers site:

i hope i win, but if not i hope one of my friends who read this will win :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our first girls day out!!

as some of you know we have two dogs both of which are male, we have a cat who is a male, and i wouldnt be suprised if every one of our fish were male too! LOL but now that taylor is here im finally not the only girl in the house.a couple weekends ago i didn't have anything going on and thought it would be fun to drive up to the tulare outlets and do some shopping. i didnt want to go alone, so my great friend carianne agreed to go with me. she got another friend of hers to watch her two girls, joe agreed to stay home and watch her son isaac as well as landen. so with taylor and the twins in tow, away we went to spent money :) the drive there was a bit long since taylor decided to cry nearly the entire one hour drive. but then she slept nearly the entire time we were shopping to redeem herself.
i cant wait until she's big enough to really "shop" with me. but until then at least i have someone to bring along while i shop that doesnt complain. oh and dont you all agree how fabulous she looks in the glasses LOL!