Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm still alive!!!

for those of you who read this, im sure you're beyond amazed that im finally writing again. it's only been like 4-5 months :) i know i know im a slacker at the cyber blogging thing. but we've been so busy the last few months and i never get around to uploading the millions of pictures that i promise i DO take. landen is down for a nap and the daycare kid is being well behaved so i thought id write a quick update so everyone knows im still breathing. we've moved into the new house and are totally loving it! we have been here a month now and we actually are getting out first neighbors today! up til now its just been us and the model home on our entire street. i wanna try to be a nice new welcoming neighbor and make them cookies or something or have them over for dinner. hopefully they're nice people and we enjoy having them live across the street. i promise over the weekend i'll post pictures of the house for all to see. along with posting 5 months worth of blog updates so everyone knows what the brooks have been doing all summer long. oh and if you didn't already notice the little ticker thing on the side of my blog.........we're pregnant! i guess this is me officially announcing it to everyone. we wanted to wait until we were out of the high risk first trimester since we've already had one miscarriage. but im officially 14 weeks now and dr says everything is looking great. at my next appt on oct. 31 we get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. im soo anxious to find out it's all i can do to not count down the hours til my appt! well the babysitting kiddo is starting to get cranky so i guess that's my que to get off the computer. hope this was at least a little bit of excitment to hear from us after soo long :)