Friday, March 27, 2009

another couple weeks

well taylor is officially three weeks old now and she's still going strong. last night was kinda rough as she was crying alot dealing with some gas bubbles, but all in all she's such a happy content baby. but luckily i have an awesome hubby who just took her and a bottle downstairs and let me get some much needed sleep. i havent exactly got her on a schedule yet but for the most part i can tell what she wants when she fusses. i am trying really hard not to make the same mistakes i made with landen again. i remember i nursed him every time he cried, cause thats what i thought he wanted when he cried. and he slept in our bed ooooh for the first 3 years of his life practically. i am trying really hard not to hold her too much and not to get her into any nasty habits. but its so fun to just sit and hold her when she falls asleep on my chest. but landen is good at keeping me on my feet, so i dont get too much time of just sitting and holding her. nursing is going good and i am pretty sure she's gaining weight. she's still in the newborn size of clothes but after washing them, they are starting to get a bit snug. as much as i love her being so tiny im anxious for her to grow into her other adorable outfits! girl clothes are so fun!!

taylors new best bud Austin James

well my sister and I were pregnant together this whole time, so it was only a matter of three weeks until we both had new little babies. my sister monica gave birth to little Austin James on wednesday march 25 a couple minutes after 6am. he weighed in at 7lb4oz and was 19 inches long. so he had a couple ounces on taylor but was also a couple inches shorter. he has the cutest big cheecks you've ever seen and a head full of dark hair. she had him at san joaquin hospital which was the same place i had taylor. so when i was there visiting her i stopped by and said hello to my delivery nurse and showed her how taylor had grown over the three weeks. monica did really good with labor even having to push for over an hour. her hubby was a great coach and even cut the cord. hospital policy is to let three people in the room when you deliver, but they actually let four of us stay in so i got to watch her actually deliver him. it was soo awesome to actually watch that happen!! i mean ive had two kids of my own (one of which monica got to watch be born) but its different when you're not the one pushing and can actually see whats going on. we are both sooo anxious for the kids to grow up together and watch them learn all the fun little stuff so close together. im sure we'll be spending alot of time together with the kids!

Monday, March 16, 2009

we survived the first week!!

well taylor is officially ten days old and so far she's been a dream! she eats about every four hours which makes for me actually getting some sleep at night. landen is starting to wonder when this babysitting kid is gunna every go home LOL today he told me he was ready for her to go home. so i informed him that this is her home. he corrected me that this is HIS home. i guess growing up with babysitting kids around all the time, it makes sense that he assumes taylor is just a babysitting kid that has been here for a really long time. i really am enjoying having her here and cant believe that the transition to having two kids from one has gone soo smoothly so far. true i havent attempted to take both kids anywhere by myself yet, but ive managed to keep the house picked up and not had a meltdown yet so i think im doing pretty good. its been really nice having joe home all week and the next two weeks he's just working half days to be able to still help me at night. im anxious for the week to go by cause i heard that the weather is supposed to be real warm and nice later this week. landen does so much better when he's not stuck in the house all day every day. plus i have soo many cute summer type outfits to put taylor in and im anxious to start dressing her up. well both kids are sleeping at the moment so im going to go upstairs and fold some laundry and maybe make my bed for the first time all week :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

new family sticker :)

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figured i needed to post a new family sticker since our family is soo different now :). by the way taylor has continued to be a wonderful baby even allowing me to get 4 hours of sleep between feedings!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

taylor is here!!!

taylor decided she'd been cooking long enough and has officially joined the brooks family :). for those who are curious here is the whole story. i had a drs appt on thursday at 1130. the dr said everything looked good but that i had slowly been getting some calcium buildup on my placenta that he was a little concerned about. he said it wasnt to the point of needing emergency delivery, but that he felt comfortable suggesting i get induced at this point. i was already nearly 3cm dialated and 90% effaced so my body was already starting the labor process by then. so he made a call to san joaquin hospital and sent me home to wait for them to call me in. about 230pm the hospital called and said they had a room ready for me so we took off. got me in and about 530 my dr came by and broke my water. that got my contractions going pretty strong and about 8pm i decided i was ready for an epidural. besides having a person in training person mess up doing it the first time and having to get it done again once it was finally working we were in good shape! the dr came back to check on my about 1030 and said i was at 7cm dialated and wanted to get me on a stronger dose of medicine to get my contractions to come stronger and closer together. the nurse told me the remaining part of labor could go pretty quick for me to just let her know when i felt any sort of "pressure". about fifteen minutes later i called her back in cause i could tell i felt something different goin on. sure enough after only fifteen minutes it was time to start pushing!! got the bed all set up and the dr ready to do his thing and at 1103 taylor jean brooks was born. she weighed 6lb15oz and was 20.5 inches long. we are now home and trying to adjust to live with our very active three year old and a new baby. we've had tons of family come to visit and some great friends as well. we've taken some more pics of her since we've been home but im still kinda sore to go and get the camera and upload everything at this moment. but hey at least im updating my blog right!? please feel free to come visit as i wont be getting outta the house much the next month or so. taylor is doing good and is super cute, oh and i forgot to mention that she's kidna bald with a little bit of what looks like might be strawberry blonde hair!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009