Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bye bye fever hello rash. after a few days of fevers at 105 degrees i was so excited when it finally went back to normal. i thought the medicine was finally working and i was out of the woods, until this morning. i didnt get much sleep last night because landen was very restless tossing and turning like crazy. this morning when i got up to feed him i noticed his face kinda had some pink little spots on it, so i lifted his shirt and HELLO! his entire body (face, scalp, chest, back, diaper area) was covered in a rash. i basically freaked out. ive called the dr's office and they said a rash after a really high fever is a typical symptom of roseola. which you can do nothing to help but wait it out since its caused by a virus. so i just have to sit here and keep an eye on him and see if it gets better or worse. im sorta frustrated because i really thought dr's would do more for me. guess i still have alot to learn in the parenting dept.

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