Monday, May 7, 2007

the new mutt

well after about a month of doing internet research about different breeds of dogs we finally got ourselves Cosmo. he joined the family after we had to put one of our dogs Carmen to sleep. she was showing alot of signs of being aggressive towards landen, and we couldnt risk her biting him. she had been abused by the people before we owned her, so she had every reason to be scared. but she just couldnt forget to abuse, and learn to love and trust again. so cosmo joined us about two weeks ago and we're totally loving him. he is only 7 months old but already really smart. he knows how to play fetch and listens when you call his name really well. he still runs away when landen comes after him, but landen is bigger than him so he is smart to run! he's been alot of fun and its good for dodger to have a buddy to play with while im away at school and joe is at work. he's really fitting into the family well.

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