Wednesday, February 18, 2009

36 weeks and counting

k so this picture is a few weeks old, but as you can see I am still getting rounder (and so is my little sister). today i am officially 36 weeks and losing all motivation to keep the house clean or cook meals. im feeling pretty good for the most part, but keeping up with Landen all day long is sooo exhausting. he's currently down for a nap and i should be doing laundry, but am playing on the computer instead. besides still being pregnant, our cat has been missing for two weeks now. i had joe put up some signs today so im hoping someone calls saying they have been keeping him out of the nasty weather. he's been gone this long once before and then magically came home one day, so im thinking someone in the neighborhood just likes keeping him at their place from time to time. our salt water fish tank is starting to come along nicely. we still only have 2 turbo snails, 1 cleaner shrimp and 4 random fish in there but we just added about 30 pounds of live rock so its starting to look pretty cool. im anxious to add some more fish but we only add one at a time about every month so we dont shock the system and kill everything :) i had a GREAT baby shower a couple weeks ago here in town with lots of friends and family showing their excitement for baby taylor to arrive. i have another small one this coming weekend down in san diego with joe's family so im super excited for that too. my sister took lots of pics at my shower but i havent got her memory card from her yet to upload them. my good friend brooke had a baby about a month ago so her three yr old daughter Alaura has been spending alot of time over here playing with landen and they just love each other. its so fun watching them play but man i am soo glad i didn't have twins!!! i seriously dont understand how young parents survive the day when they have 4 or 5 kids running around the house. k well guess thats about as good of an update as you're gunna get today. im not even sure who reads this thing, if anyone. but i go to the dr every week now so ill be sure and keep anyone in blog land updated on being pregnant. hopefully we'll have new baby pictures to post on here in another few weeks!!!

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Tenille Gates said...

You and your sister are SO stinkin cute when youre prego! Its not fair..i know my whole body will just blow up like a balloon when im prego!..runs in the family im afraid. Its good to see that all is well with you and your cute family ♥ p.s..its not Thanksgiving anymore! heheh ;0)