Sunday, July 19, 2009

summertime fun!

First off, thanx to all my loving friends who encourage me to continue blogging. im going to try to start doing an update at least once a week. its soo crazy how fast time flies by when you're home all day with two kids. even now that im done babysitting for a while i find that there's still never enough hours in the day to get all that i want accomplished done. but this summer has been alot of fun so far living in a neighborhood with lots of kids, going to swimming lessons, visiting family at the beach and watching landen and taylor play together. and of course landen constantly chasing the poor kitty around the house!what makes summer fun without a few trips to balch park? there's lots of dirt for landen to eat...i mean play in! he even managed to kinda catch his first fish on this trip.

these two are going to grow up and be best friends. i can't wait til they can actually play together!!! i have got to upload a video of them talking to each other and reaching for each other cause its soo dang cute. it's soo fun having these cousins so close in age (only three weeks apart).

this was the ONLY picture from our trip that we took on my camera. this is the sunset deck at our hotel overlooking the beach. more pictures from the trip will be posted as soon as joe pulls them off his camera phone for me. we had a great time but i really missed landen. we were only allowed to bring the baby since she was nursing. we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point and went to legoland, disneyland, california adventures, the little aquarium next to legoland, medieval times dinner and show, got fancy nice massages at the spa at the hotel and ordered crazy expensive room service. all of which was paid for as a reward for joe's whole team doing really well last year! hope this isn't the last one of these trips!!!

living in bakersfield isn't possible unless you are in the pool. we are soo grateful that grandpa lets us come over whenever we want to enjoy his pool! landen is also taking swimming lessons this summer and is doing really well. he can go under the water and swim a small distance. he has to wear goggles though or else his poor eyes get soo red and dried out.

my younger brother buddy came home for a very short visit from the air force where he is stationed in texas this past week. it was the first time he had met taylor and austin. it was great visiting with him and his girlfriend chelsea who got to come too. we sure miss him when he is gone and wish that he could live closer. luckily he's able to come home a couple times a year and hang out and play with the ever expanding family. landen just loves his uncle buddy!!

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