Thursday, November 5, 2009

we are moving now!

taylor is offically 8 months old today and she is so much fun. recently she has learned to do the army crawl and is very much enjoying her new found independence. she loves to follow the cat around and pet on his and tug on him. and maxx is so good with her and tolerates her torture.
how do kids manage to grow up soo fast?? it seems impossible that this little girl is already 8 months old! didn't i just have her like two months ago?? it's not fair! she's going to be a year old in no time at all! someone please make it stop, or at least slow down.

i had to run upstairs the other day and asked landen if he could keep an eye on taylor for me. he was more than happy to help out and was so careful to make sure she didnt fall off the couch. how cute is this!!
taylor wasn't so sure what exactly was going on here. but how cute is this pic? this is why woman are crazy enough to go through pregnancy and child birth more than once!

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