Sunday, January 17, 2010

totally random, but better late than never

k so i finally got taylor to bed (she was having a very not normal meltdown tonight when i put her to bed. and now the boys are playing indiana jones lego on the wii so i thought id try to do a couple quick blog updates. i am FINALLY uploading some pictures from our TWO cameras (yeah i found the one that i nearly swore the carpet guys stole). i dont even know how far back some of these pictures will be, and guarantee they will be in no order what-so-ever, but at least they will be on here right :)
first up i found some super cute pics of my sisters baby Austin. i guess a while back i babysat him and he's the type of baby that always wants to be carried around. so i think at the time taylor was sleeping so i stuck him in the sling and just went about doing my stuff. he looks waaay different now cause these are like 4 months ago, but he was soo cute and bald!
he also loves to play in the bouncy chair. you just stick him in and he goes to town forever! his little legs are gunna be soo buff!!!
and do avoid too much craziness, ill do separate blog entries for the different types of pics i find on the new camera. gotta upload them now :)

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