Wednesday, October 20, 2010

im still alive!!

k so my good friend made me aware that i am way beyond officially slacking on my blog. its been oh like five MONTHS since i made a post so here i am. today is not the day for catch up because that is gunna take a very long time and it's already been a long day. but just thought id give a quick shout out to anyone who reads this whats goin on in my life. landen just started his second year of preschool with his old nursery teacher Heather Ball. he doesnt seem quite as eager to work on homework or get dropped off as last year but once he's there and im gone he loves it. taylor is getting huge and has really become a little girl with a big personality instead of a little baby. she definitely knows what she wants and makes sure u know what she's askin for. for the most part the kids play great together but landen is, well landen, and he likes to push her buttons. let's just say she is going to be a very tough little girl when he's done with her LOL
i am hitting 31 weeks pregnant with #3. i didnt check back on my previous blog posts but im pretty sure i already made the announcement that our family was growing. my doctor has my due date set for december 25 but that is sooo not gunna happen!! not gunna be pushin out a baby on christmas day no thank you! the other two both came exactly two weeks early and that has worked great for me up til now so no point messin up that routine :) one bummer bein prego right now is that my brother buddy who lives in texas is tying the knot in december. which means that we dont get to go cause ill be right around popping time. but me and the kids decided to take a week long trip this past month to texas to go visit instead. it was so much fun!
maybe i need to make myself a list of posts that i need to do updates for. ill have to write em down on paper and look back over the last half a year and see what might be worth sharing.
so until then :)
oh and we're going to disneyland this next weekend so there's hopefully some fun pictures of info to look forward to

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