Thursday, March 10, 2011

going kinda out of order here

i know that these posts are totally out of order but its better than nothing. im sure whoever out in cyber world is reading this will enjoy the pictures even out of order :) i decided not to do a 3d ultrasound with this pregnancy because i didnt want to know the gender so i debated doing maternity pictures instead. then i decided i didnt want to have a bunch of pictures of myself with a belly LOL. so we did a super fun newborn photo shoot instead. i looked on the internet for different fun poses of sleepy naked babies and gave them to brooke as ideas id like to try. the shoot ended up taking like two hours because he just didnt want to fall asleep. but when he finally did knock out it was soo fun moving him around into cute poses! here they are!!

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Tenille Gates said...

LOVE those! Especially the Elder Brooks one!...DARLING ♥ Those are some stinkin' cute kids you have there, Armanda :0)