Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my newest foster maggie

thought i would introduce everyone to my newest foster dog Maggie. I picked her up this morning at the kern county animal control. she is a sweetheart and wants to give lots of kisses, she just doesnt have real good manners. she thinks she needs to be in your lap and comes full force right into you. poor landen has been knocked over a couple times already :(
took her to the vet this afternoon and she got a clean bill of health. She weighs almost 22 pounds so she's a pretty solid girl. anyways, she'll be up for adoption through the rescue anytime now, check her and the other bostons out at www.bostonbuddies.org

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ericandbrookesblog said...

cute dog!!! I know alaura would love it if we took a dog in, however I'm not crazy about the mess :( Good thing for people like you. Maybe when we're not living in a rental, and I have more space I'd consider it.