Wednesday, March 26, 2008

just some random updatedness

well landen is officially 2 yrs old and his party was a huge success. he hadn't been feeling better so no luck getting good pictures of him eating cake and making a mess, cause he didn't want to have a cupcake. he got lots of adorable clothes and tons of awesome toys. like he needs anymore toys huh!?!? but he had a blast and grandma and grandpa brooks came all the way from san diego too! they even spent the night with us to be able to spend Easter morning with landen. it was so cute watching landen walk around the house (in his diaper cause he had a fever) hunting for candy and plastic eggs. we also went by our "house" yesterday and there's almost the entire first floor framed. we can't wait until it looks like a real house!!!


Tenille Gates said...

hi armanda! the new casa is exciting news! i changed my font on Its good to see all is well with you and your adorable little family :0) if you have anymore blog questions dont hesitate to ask! take care

ericandbrookesblog said...

Poor guy, we got sick last week too. I was layed up easter and Alaura and I are just starting to get back to normal...finally.