Tuesday, April 22, 2008

belated pictures

just his random cuteness with his new flashlight firetruck from auntie april

sleeping in his own bed for his nap all by himself like a BIG BOY!!!

enjoying the nice spring weather we had (that is now GONE)

updated pic of our house thats all framed!

he had been sick and decided this was the comfortable way to sleep on the couch that night :)


Brooke said...

So, how's the potty training going? Alaura's almost got it down!!!! I don't know if you're having a hard time with public toilets or not, but Alaura would not use them. She was afraid of falling in, until we got a travel potty seat. It's awesome. if you want to know about it give me a call (I lost your #) you can call me even if you aren't intersted in the potty seat.

Landy said...

Your house is really coming along. Lucky girl.