Tuesday, April 22, 2008

he's such a big boy!

well now that landen is TWO i figured i need to really get firm and teach him to take his naps in his own bed and get him to go to sleep at night without me or joe having to lay in there with him for half an hour. so yesterday i started being a mean mom and sticking him in his bed and taking him back there a zillion times after he keeps getting up. so he ended up not taking a nap at all yesterday. and then bedtime was over two hours worth of getting up and me putting him back. today for nap i put him in there and hid in his room behind his desk. so id put him back in the bed as soon as he'd hit the ground. i think he started to realize i was over there (even though he couldnt see me) and after only half an hour he actually stayed in his bed and took a nap!!!!! he's been in there asleep for about an hour now too! i even took pics to prove it :)
besides that things are going good here. im only babysitting three kids now instead of six. those extra three older kids were just too much for me so i told the parents i couldnt do it anymore. i really enjoy only havin a couple extra kids around rather than a full blown daycare. the house is coming along good, got it all framed and are starting the plumbing and electrical stuff. joe's knee is healing well and he's doing physical therapy three times a week now too. he actually drove himself to therapy yesterday and made it all the way to blockbuster today!
well thats about all i have to report here. pics to come shortly (the site wouldnt let me add them at the moment)

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