Monday, April 13, 2009

all about landen

with the arrival of taylor, it seems like all of the recent posts have been about her. and i dont want anyone to think that life with just landen has gotten any less exciting. he continues to keep me on my toes and makes me smile (and sometimes cry) daily. with his third birthday being on my scheduled due date for taylor, we didnt want to schedule anything too close. so he got to take his good friend Isaac with him to john's incredible pizza and we had a great time eating and playing games and getting fun prizes. we did do a birthday party for him, but that will be in another post. he really has been doing a great job being a new big brother. he's had a bit of relapse in the potty training area, but just the last two days he is starting to show signs of getting back on track. we have all really enjoyed the start of spring weather in bakersfield, and i dont think a day goes by that he's not outside doing something. he has enjoyed using grandpa's bounce house and riding on his quad. if taylor cries he's the first one to instruct me in what to do to get her to quiet down. usually he tells me that she's hungry and that i need to feed her. he loves being my helper with anything that involves taylor handing me diapers or throwing something away for me or answering the phone when i cant reach it. i love him so much even though he makes me want to pull out all my hair sometimes and i cant wait to watch him continue to grow and learn.

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