Friday, March 27, 2009

another couple weeks

well taylor is officially three weeks old now and she's still going strong. last night was kinda rough as she was crying alot dealing with some gas bubbles, but all in all she's such a happy content baby. but luckily i have an awesome hubby who just took her and a bottle downstairs and let me get some much needed sleep. i havent exactly got her on a schedule yet but for the most part i can tell what she wants when she fusses. i am trying really hard not to make the same mistakes i made with landen again. i remember i nursed him every time he cried, cause thats what i thought he wanted when he cried. and he slept in our bed ooooh for the first 3 years of his life practically. i am trying really hard not to hold her too much and not to get her into any nasty habits. but its so fun to just sit and hold her when she falls asleep on my chest. but landen is good at keeping me on my feet, so i dont get too much time of just sitting and holding her. nursing is going good and i am pretty sure she's gaining weight. she's still in the newborn size of clothes but after washing them, they are starting to get a bit snug. as much as i love her being so tiny im anxious for her to grow into her other adorable outfits! girl clothes are so fun!!

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