Tuesday, June 23, 2009


its not the occupation of being a plumber that i hate, or the dirty work they sometimes have to do. its the fact that i am awake at 7am for the second day in a row waiting for the plumber to arrive to fix the awful pipe hammering in my walls and he's still not here. apparently yesterday he had a family emergency (yeah right!) but the company failed to call and let me know he wouldn't be stopping by. i had to sit there and wait for 45 minutes until i finally picked up the phone to see what was going on. so they apologized and rescheduled for today at 7am. it is now exactly 7:41am and still no plumber. joe is out of town at week in seattle for a work meeting and im home with the two kiddos. i have to schedule these plumbing appts early cause dominic (my day care kiddo) sleeps downstairs for his naps and i dont want the workers waking him up.
**UPDATE** the plumber just called and will be here in about half an hour. what the heck is so hard about being on a job site ON TIME!?!? seriously i woke up at 630 this morning to be up and ready for him and he's not gunna be here until after 8am. i soo could have slept in and really need my sleep these days. i think im gunna call the company and speak with the manager and make a complaint cause this is ridiculous! i guess one good thing did come of it though, im up and awake and both kids are asleep so im updating my blog. but grrrr i much rather would have liked to sleep til after 8 since both my kids are sleeping!

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