Sunday, May 17, 2009

when the boys are away.........the girls will play :)

well joe and landen went camping for a church activity friday night, so that left just me and taylor home alone. so of course i felt we needed to get outta the house and do something. a friend of mine from church who also lives down the street had her three older children gone for the night as well, so we decided to go out with just us and the babies (she has twin boys).
so we got ourselves all glammed up (i put on makeup for maybe the third time this year) and went out to dinner with my friend and her boys. we always joke around that taylor is going to grow up and date the boys so of course she had to look her best too. we ended up just going to que pasa at the marketplace for a yummy dinner then walked around and laughed at all the teeny boppers wearing some crazy outfits. my friends bro-in-law was also dj
i swear she knows how to do the biggest smile, but she refuses to do it on camera. she will just be sitting there smiling like crazy and making the cutest cooing sounds and i bring out the camera and she gives me the stone face! but of course the boys still thought she looked great. but she needs our opinion, she just cant seem to decide which one to go for first. they are both adorable (they are twins remember) and are both in love with her, and of course are both great at making her laugh. so what do you think?
should she go for him:
or him:

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Carianne said...

Oh you are too funny! I think she will string the twins along for years and then when Isaac gets home from his mission and the twins are out on theirs she will marry Isaac. Hahaha!!!