Thursday, September 3, 2009

fun night at the park

so last night as we were finishing dinner i mentioned to joe that maybe we should go for a little walk around the neighborhood. the weather was nice and we still had about an hour before we needed to get the kids ready for bed. just as we were finishing up my friend from down the street mentioned that she was loading her kids into the car taking them to the park. it sounded like a great idea, so we decided to go with them instead of going for a walk. the kids ran around like crazy and got all hot and tired, which us parents LOVED. carianne was smart enough to bring her awesome camera along and took tons of cute pics of everyone.
landen has decided that he likes to make this cute little pose when he smiles for the camera
i remember when him climbing this wall would scare the poop outta me. now i just let him go for it :)
taylor has officially learned how to kiss people and she is definitely NOT shy about going for the kill. she was showin one of her boyfriends here how it's done!
i KNOW landen and issac will be very embarassed about this picture in another five years or so, but in the mean time it's soo dang cute! landen loves his friend isaac and gets soo excited when they get to play together. here we were attempting to get them to do a "bro-hug" where they just put an arm around each others neck, but we got this romance instead LOL
taylor has really decided to be a happy baby. now that she is on a good eating and sleeping schedule she hardly ever cries. unless she's stuck in the car and it's past her bedtime or something like that. but if she's awake after a good nap and she's been fed then she is sooo happy to be around.
before we left carianne wanted to get a cute shot of all the kids laying in the grass. i thought she only was referring to her family of kids, but she was nice enough to even let my little kiddos in on the action.
they are arranged from oldest to youngest here (i wonder if the twins are in order of who was born first??)
of course the photo wasn't complete til we threw taylor down there too. she refused to look at the camera though. she just couldnt take her eyes off the cute boy laying next to her
landen had so much fun playing and he was soo tired and itchy by the time we got back in the car to go home. he decided it would be fun to roll around in the grass with isaac after the little photo shoot and was scratching all over all the way home.
and just one last happy picture of taylor. i think she was talking and giggling with lexi one of the perry girls here. she loves getting attention!

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Carianne said...

I am glad you guys were able to join us. Yes, I always have the twins in the order of who was born first from left to right it is Elijah and Isaiah. It's a sickness I know, but later on when I forget who wore what or who had the scratch on their face I will always know Elijah was on the left. Unless they are random pictures then it's anybody's guess. Haha!

My kids all came home took baths and fell right to sleep. We might be going to the park more often. :o) Wish we had one in this neighborhood. I'd go every day.