Thursday, September 3, 2009

my boy is all grown-up now!

last week landen started a new phase in his life: PRESCHOOL!! he goes on tuesday and thursday every week from 9am-noon. he goes to Heather's House Preschool which is only a few minutes away from our house. the lady who runs the program goes to our church, and is actually landen's nursery teacher. so he already knows her and she already knows him. his first day was very exciting for him and i was so proud that i didn't cry when i dropped him off. honestly i think it was all because i knew landen wouldn't be scared with his teacher. plus 5 of the 6 kids all go to our church so he already knew most of them as well. even his really good friend alaura is in his class! but i honestly just cant believe he is already old enough to be in school. where did the time go? every day i look at taylor and i remember how recently landen was reaching the same exact milestones. it doesnt seem like its been that long!! but so far he's having a great time at school. he tells me all about his day as soon as he gets in the car and so far has been pretty excited about the idea of doing homework and learning new things. this week he is starting to learn to write his name which makes him feel very proud :) and makes me proud too!

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