Thursday, September 3, 2009

taylors most recent photo shoot

i like to have pictures taken of my kids every month for the first year of their lives. then i have this super cute frame that i put up on the wall that shows each month up until their first birthday. it's so crazy how fast they grow each month when they are so young. with landen i just took him to JCPennys each month. but with taylor my great friend brooke has offered to take her pictures for me instead. i still pay her for her time, but it is soo much better to going to the mall and waiting over an hour because they are ALWAYS running late and then taylor either being hungry or tired or asleep once they finally get around to taking our pictures. so this last month (i cannot believe that my little girl is already almost six months old!) we went and had some pictures taken of taylor at brookes house and attempted to throw some little props in the change things around. here are a few of my favorites!
she liked holding herself up on the basket alot!
she is starting to be able to sit up on her own, but only for short periods of time. we kept trying to prop her up and then jump back and get a picture of it before she would tip over
she just loved playing with the thule stuff we put in the basket with her. we couldnt get her to look away from it long enough to get a shot of her actually in the basket and looking at the camera at this same time though. i think in this one she was actually looking over at brookes little girl alaura who was being a great little helper trying to make faces and funny noises at taylor to get her to smile
no idea what program brooke uses but i LOVE how this turned out with the colors all faded. you can still kinda see the colors in her outfit and her bow and then a little pink to her cheecks and the blue in her eyes. i just LOVE LOVE it!


Carianne said...

She's a cutie! The twins are gonna be fighting over her. :o)

Tam said...

Cute pictures. Sadie loves her!

Kendra said...

She is so cute, great pictures.