Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i swear she didn't feed herself!

k so this is taylor this evening after my attempts to feed her vegetable beef. i dont know what it is about baby food that has carrots as the #1 ingregient, but this is what it does to my poor childs face. i have to read the jard every day to make sure im not giving her too many carrots, cause we dont want her to turn orange. poor landen went through a little orange phase before i realized that all the baby dinners are made with carrots! LOL
you cant really see much of her bib or body but she wasnt that messy at all. its just her face :). she is such a good little eater and never complains no matter what i give her. she's up to eating three times a day of real baby food (fruit in the morning, veggie at lunch and a dinner type meal at obviously dinner) plus she still takes a 6oz bottle every 4 hrs during the day. any my little angel is sleeping 12 hours straight at night for almost a month now!! a few nights ago was my first experience with going to bed at bedtime and not waking up til it was morning. i seriously hadnt done that in YEARS and it felt soo good! a girlfriend of mine commented today and taylor has suddenly really started growing more hair. im not sure its growing fast yet, but its definitely getting more than just fuzz. when she wears a headband it actually lays over the band now and when we take it off she gets crazy action all over. she has been such a fun baby so far and im really enjoying her alot! hopefully more pictures to come soon! and blog updates, since ive been slacking lately :)

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