Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our trip to CALM

some of my friends in the neighborhood put together this little co-op preschool thing. the moms all take turns having the kids at their homes and attempt to teach the kids something fun and educational for two hours. i didnt join the group, but they were all nice enough to allow us to tag along on their field trip today to CALM.

There's definitely nothing fancy about this little attempt of a zoo, but its local and fairly cheap and the little kids love it. landen and sadie (my little daycare munckin) ran all over the place checkin out the animals native to california. we were able to keep the kids outdoors and having a good time for nearly three hours and the weather was perfect! then we all stayed and had a fun little picnic together.

i think their next field trip is in another couple months and im sure we will try to tag along for that one too. i hear that have a few fun ones planned out throughout the year. we loved spending the day with our friends!

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