Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my little california surfer girl

the post is a little late (like a month and a half) but the pictures are from when she was six months old. sine it was right in middle of the summer, we felt it was appropriate to do a beach them photo session. and what's the fun of a beach if you cant bare it all right!?!?

i seriously am in love with all my pictures that brooke does for me! she is so patient with trying to get taylor to smile and work with all the cute poses. im sure it helps that she has a super expensive camera and all the lighting and stuff too, but id like to think it helps that i have cute kids to start off with. i love how perfect her complexion is in the picture!

she wasn't at all interested in smiling during this photo session, but at least she wasn't making scary funky faces either. guess you gotta take what you can get when you're working with a baby.

and finally a crack of a smile! i love the faded colors in this one! i really like the color ones best where you can see her bright blue eyes, but these always look so neat too! for her seven months pictures brooke was sick, along with her kids too i think. so we had to go to JCPenny's instead. but i think they did a good job, and will be anxious to pick em up in a couple weeks and post em on here too!

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