Sunday, February 24, 2008

Christmas re-cap

K so these next few posts will be majorly delayed, but i figure its better late than never. we had a nice christmas this year spending christmas morning in san diego with joe's side of the family. they really enjoyed watching landen open his gifts. his first present to open was some hot wheels cars and he was set. he refused to put them down or open anything else. who knew christmas could be so affordable!?! he also got this really cute power wheels thing for toddlers. its the perfect size for him and he's finally figuring out how to steer it. it goes like 2mph and can go forward or reverse.
joe and i decided rather than buying individual gifts for each other to just get one combo gift. so we got a Nintendo Wii. we were super lucky to find one cause EVERYONE was sold out of them. we got up to go shopping on black friday and found a video store that had 4 of them available, and we got the third one!!!! so we bought games and accessories for it and called it done.
we cant wait for next christmas when landen might actually sit on santa's lap. for now he's still terrified of him. which is cute in itself too! so we just stuck with the generic family christmas pics and did one with the pooches too. how cute huh!

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