Sunday, February 24, 2008

Valentines day

k so i guess im just catching up on the holidays that have occurred since my old entry. i wanted to suprise joe with something totally outta the ordinary. i was looking online and happened across this really nice foosball table for sale. so i bought it and got it home without him even knowing. of course then he had to help me unload it and put it back together too. but its totally fun when company comes over and we can all play on it. we havent got to enjoy it much with just the two of us, cause the bars are perfect level to poke landen in the eye and he cant stand to stay away from it when we try to play.
joe got me a really nice black jacket to wear when its cold but not cold enough for my big poofy one. its really thin and lightweight, but still keeps you really warm. and its nice enough to wear it with church clothes and stuff like that. rather than lookin like im about to go build a snow man :)
oh and of course he got me roses too!
i got landen a couple cute little heart balloons and some books
he LOVES to punch the balloons all over the house

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