Sunday, February 24, 2008

the new fishie tank

so here is the new and FINAL fish tank. for those of you who don't already know, we got landen a small ten gallon tank to put up in his playroom back around october. we decided we wanted something bigger so we could have more fish. so i looked online and found a used 37 gallon tank for 20 bucks. figured it was a great deal, but then realized it would cost over $100 for all the accessories that weren't included. that same day i bought that tank, i found another used tank on craigslist that was 45 gallons but came with all the accessories. so i called up that guy and bought his tank as well. we set up that tank and had it goin for about a month when we realized that although it was a good size, since it was soo tall we couldnt get in there to clean it or add any new decorations. so we decided to start looking for a new one and planned to sell that 45 gallon tank asap. so now we have this tank. its 100 gallons and its here to stay. it came with the really nice wood stand as well and for a pretty decent price. i ended up selling the 45 gallon tank to my good friend Jennifer who is loving it in her apartment :). so we currently have 25 fish which include: 7 tiger barbs (2 of which are green, 1 albino, and 4 standard tiger), 3 giant danios, 3 bala sharks, 3 redtail tinfoil barbs (2 of which are golden, 1 silver), 6 cory catfish (3 albino, 3 peppered), 1 pleco (aka suckerfish), 1 dwarf gourami and 1 opaline gourami. if you dont know what any of these fish look like and you'd like to know just google it. its crazy hard to get a good picture of a fish as its racing around a 100 gallon tank!
and to this day we've only had 1 big accident with the water :)

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