Sunday, February 24, 2008

landen's first stitches :(

well landen isn't yet two and he's already gotten his first set of stitches. on his head even
he was playin with his trainset and all his matchbox cars and tripped and fell backwards
he hit the back of his head on the corner of the trundle drawer and split it open
took him to the dr and they said he needed stitches
he wasn't even crying and it had pretty much stopped bleeding, but they said if we didnt close it up there would be a spot on that area where hair wouldnt grow back EVER
so they strapped him down to a board and i laid over the top of him while the nurse held his head in position. landen cried and screamed and it was awful!
towards the end i almost passed out when i was watching the dr stitch him up
but he did fine and recovered without any hitches
took him back 10 days later to remove the 4 stitches and only one was left
they said its pretty common for the wound to shrink when it heals and for some of the stitches to just fall out
let's hope we dont have another experience like that one again for a very long time!

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