Monday, March 9, 2009

taylor is here!!!

taylor decided she'd been cooking long enough and has officially joined the brooks family :). for those who are curious here is the whole story. i had a drs appt on thursday at 1130. the dr said everything looked good but that i had slowly been getting some calcium buildup on my placenta that he was a little concerned about. he said it wasnt to the point of needing emergency delivery, but that he felt comfortable suggesting i get induced at this point. i was already nearly 3cm dialated and 90% effaced so my body was already starting the labor process by then. so he made a call to san joaquin hospital and sent me home to wait for them to call me in. about 230pm the hospital called and said they had a room ready for me so we took off. got me in and about 530 my dr came by and broke my water. that got my contractions going pretty strong and about 8pm i decided i was ready for an epidural. besides having a person in training person mess up doing it the first time and having to get it done again once it was finally working we were in good shape! the dr came back to check on my about 1030 and said i was at 7cm dialated and wanted to get me on a stronger dose of medicine to get my contractions to come stronger and closer together. the nurse told me the remaining part of labor could go pretty quick for me to just let her know when i felt any sort of "pressure". about fifteen minutes later i called her back in cause i could tell i felt something different goin on. sure enough after only fifteen minutes it was time to start pushing!! got the bed all set up and the dr ready to do his thing and at 1103 taylor jean brooks was born. she weighed 6lb15oz and was 20.5 inches long. we are now home and trying to adjust to live with our very active three year old and a new baby. we've had tons of family come to visit and some great friends as well. we've taken some more pics of her since we've been home but im still kinda sore to go and get the camera and upload everything at this moment. but hey at least im updating my blog right!? please feel free to come visit as i wont be getting outta the house much the next month or so. taylor is doing good and is super cute, oh and i forgot to mention that she's kidna bald with a little bit of what looks like might be strawberry blonde hair!!!

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Tenille Gates said...

CONGRATS!!! Im so excited for youguys! What a cute little family you have ♥