Monday, March 16, 2009

we survived the first week!!

well taylor is officially ten days old and so far she's been a dream! she eats about every four hours which makes for me actually getting some sleep at night. landen is starting to wonder when this babysitting kid is gunna every go home LOL today he told me he was ready for her to go home. so i informed him that this is her home. he corrected me that this is HIS home. i guess growing up with babysitting kids around all the time, it makes sense that he assumes taylor is just a babysitting kid that has been here for a really long time. i really am enjoying having her here and cant believe that the transition to having two kids from one has gone soo smoothly so far. true i havent attempted to take both kids anywhere by myself yet, but ive managed to keep the house picked up and not had a meltdown yet so i think im doing pretty good. its been really nice having joe home all week and the next two weeks he's just working half days to be able to still help me at night. im anxious for the week to go by cause i heard that the weather is supposed to be real warm and nice later this week. landen does so much better when he's not stuck in the house all day every day. plus i have soo many cute summer type outfits to put taylor in and im anxious to start dressing her up. well both kids are sleeping at the moment so im going to go upstairs and fold some laundry and maybe make my bed for the first time all week :)

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It took a couple hours between editing the pics resizing and deciding how I wanted it arranged