Friday, March 27, 2009

taylors new best bud Austin James

well my sister and I were pregnant together this whole time, so it was only a matter of three weeks until we both had new little babies. my sister monica gave birth to little Austin James on wednesday march 25 a couple minutes after 6am. he weighed in at 7lb4oz and was 19 inches long. so he had a couple ounces on taylor but was also a couple inches shorter. he has the cutest big cheecks you've ever seen and a head full of dark hair. she had him at san joaquin hospital which was the same place i had taylor. so when i was there visiting her i stopped by and said hello to my delivery nurse and showed her how taylor had grown over the three weeks. monica did really good with labor even having to push for over an hour. her hubby was a great coach and even cut the cord. hospital policy is to let three people in the room when you deliver, but they actually let four of us stay in so i got to watch her actually deliver him. it was soo awesome to actually watch that happen!! i mean ive had two kids of my own (one of which monica got to watch be born) but its different when you're not the one pushing and can actually see whats going on. we are both sooo anxious for the kids to grow up together and watch them learn all the fun little stuff so close together. im sure we'll be spending alot of time together with the kids!

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