Friday, May 1, 2009

Our first girls day out!!

as some of you know we have two dogs both of which are male, we have a cat who is a male, and i wouldnt be suprised if every one of our fish were male too! LOL but now that taylor is here im finally not the only girl in the house.a couple weekends ago i didn't have anything going on and thought it would be fun to drive up to the tulare outlets and do some shopping. i didnt want to go alone, so my great friend carianne agreed to go with me. she got another friend of hers to watch her two girls, joe agreed to stay home and watch her son isaac as well as landen. so with taylor and the twins in tow, away we went to spent money :) the drive there was a bit long since taylor decided to cry nearly the entire one hour drive. but then she slept nearly the entire time we were shopping to redeem herself.
i cant wait until she's big enough to really "shop" with me. but until then at least i have someone to bring along while i shop that doesnt complain. oh and dont you all agree how fabulous she looks in the glasses LOL!


Tenille Gates said...

how FUN ♥ Looks like Taylor is learnin early ;0) Im glad the girlz had a good time shoppin! Yes, im sad about good ol' Rusty dog...we will miss that goof :0)

chloe's clan said...

That sounds like a lovely time out! She is too cute. :)

Brooke said...

She's growing up sooo fast!!! We need to do a girls day out too!!!