Sunday, May 17, 2009

everybodys sick

well for the last week or so both kids have been under the weather. landen has HUGE swollen glands but the dr said its just a reaction to having a bug. they said nothing was contagious but he's just not the playful happy guy like he normally is. he gets soo upset when he cant break out his nose too and tells me his nose "it's working". and i think his throat hurts a little bit too cause he refuses to swallow his spit and just has been drooling all over the place!
poor little taylor has a stuffy nose and has a hard time breathing especially when she tries to nurse. i try shooting saline drops up there and sucking everything out with one of those blue bulb things but she HATES that too. last night was better for her breathing cause my friend loaned me this cute little green frog humidifier and i think it helped. she fed at 1030pm and then didnt wake up to eat again until 630am! yeah so i think that's officially her first time sleeping through the night. not that im expecting it to happen again tonight, but it was nice! im looking forward to both of them feeling 100% again though so we can have more fun outside playing in the warm weather!
up til now taylor has been so great about sleeping anywhere, especially on the kitchen bar in her little bouncy chair. but lately she hasnt been sleeping as good downstairs or being held so i have been putting her in her bassinet upstairs and she will sleep soo much better. but after falling down the stairs TWICE in the last couple days ive really been trying to get her to stay downstairs with me. so slept like this on her changing table for like half an hour then got ticked off. but it sure was cute with her little butt up in the air while it lasted huh!?!?

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