Sunday, May 17, 2009

grandbaby pictures

so we figured since there are four grandkids now on my side of the family, that it was due time to get em all together and get their pictures taken. little did we know just how hard it would be to get two newborns and two toddler boys all to cooperate for pictures at the same time! landen was a little bit too helpful trying to help get the other kids attention by tickling them or talking to them or whatever the photographer was trying to do, he copied her. it was quite a challenge to say the least. but we managed to get at least one good pose of all four kids not crying and at least sorta looking in the direction of the camera. so to celebrate we let the big boys ride on a couple rides at the mall while we waited for the pictures to process. landen and bradyn did so good taking turns driving the rides even!
so we go back to pick out the pictures and leave the dads in charge of the kids while monica and i pick out which pictures to order. poor bradyn had been at JCPennys for long enough and almost fell asleep watching the movie. he was a tired little boy! but he sure looked cute with his little mohawk hair even with his fussy face!!
And this is cute little AJ being such a good tropper waiting for pictures to process. both babies were soo good while we moved them around in all the different poses. we even managed to get pictures of the babies with both of their brothers together plus the two families managed to get little family pics too. not bad for a day's work huh. now we just cant wait to get the pictures back in a couple more days!! (sorry the pic is crooked, i couldnt figure out how to rotate it)

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