Sunday, May 17, 2009

enjoying the warm weather!

so when landen isnt feeling under the weather we have been trying to spend alot of time outside enjoying the warm, but not too hot, weather while we can. its been soo much fun having lots of young kids on our block to be able to come over and play. landen got a cute little slip and slide for his birthday from his friend avery that we have been using nearly every day. then my friend carianne gave me a great idea to put the slip and slide underneath the slide and have them go down the slide ONTO the slip and slide. what a great idea!!! obviously the kids loved it and now landen wants to do this every single day as soon as he wakes up. i have a hard time getting him to even eat breakfast before he's wanting to go outside and "slip slide". and he prefers not to do this alone but requests to have his friends alaura, isaac, alyssa and alexis all come over and play with him.
im not quite brave enough to watch ALL the kids at the same time, but a couple of them at a time seems to work out great. luckily everyone plays well together and they are soo cute to listen to them talk to each other like little adults! we are soo grateful for living in this new ward and this new great neighborhood. there are so many wonderful young couples that we have become friends with and landen loves all his new friends.

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Carianne said...

Looks like the slip and slide under the slide worked out great! We are glad we moved here too and I love being together.